How did popular common beliefs get so messed up?  For instance, death is defined as a continuation of life.  Why have a judgment day if people are already in heaven or hell?  Did Jesus raise himself from the dead?  When did the idea of the secret escape of Christians from the New World Order start?

   Predictions 2603 years old about the invasion of Israel by Russia and her allies, coming earthquakes and much more! 


How did a girl from the slums of Chicago become a premier jazz soloist?  Fascinating story of adventure,  WWII, overcoming drugs, and 32 years performing with drummer John Poole.

Truth 101  

$19.00 (includes postage)

‚ÄčJazz, Jail, and Genius
 (The Anita O'Day Story)
$20.00 (includes postage)

     By D. E. Poole